The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and the Spiegelgracht are at the heart of the Amsterdam art district, the Spiegelkwartier. The street is named after the Spiegel family, who were extremely influential. Hendrik Laurensz. Spiegel (1549-1612) was one of the great thinkers and writers of the 16th century. Spiegel, son of a rich merchant and soapmaker, prepared the first grammar rules for the Dutch language. One of his sons, Hendrick Dircksz Spiegel, who lived from 1598 through 1667, was burgomaster of Amsterdam in 1655, 59, 63 and 65

Nowadays it’s almost door-to-door art and antiques dealers. Often recognized as the driveway of the Rijksmuseum, many people, locals or foreigns, visit the street to gasp at - or purchase great art.

On these pages several reputable dealers with international clientele.

Feel free to visit any of these galleries whenever you are in Amsterdam.

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam